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Rich Chart Server
generates captivating dynamic charts from any data source available to .NET.
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Data Charts Sample
(Flash MX/5; PDF)

If you're looking into generating impressive animated and interactive Flash charts, please see Rich Chart Server.


Some of the available parameters:

Column Links:
3D Depth:
3D Angle:


(On the Flash example, Column Links will jump to this page)

Turbine has powerful charting capabilities - Turbine charts are dynamically generated from Turbine DataSet columns that define the numeric values and the label for each bar. The DataSet may also define a custom url to jump to when each column is clicked (great for drill-down levels), text for a tooltip that appears on mouse-over and a custom color for each column.
The chart types are defined with Turbine MML tags so that you can create your own chart types or customize existing ones. To install a chart type simply place the chart definition MML files inside a sub-directory on the chart/ directory of your Turbine installation.

The interactive chart features are only available when generating to Flash.
The Flash template used is chart.swf for Flash and charts.mml for PDF output.


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